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    This week's awards WOMBLE(S) OF THE WEEK Goes out to all our mini-wombles! We've seen school groups with litter pickers going out and have been sent photos of children with bag and picker in hand showing the adults how it should be done. You are an asset to our group and great to see you getting involved.  Make sure you go for that green Blue Peter badge! BEST LUCKY FIND OF THE WEEK This week it is a lucky find. It goes to Trish Savill for finding the £5 Womble wage in the hedge by the side of  the Lark Rise shops. She's found £6.50 so far in wages so keep your eyes peeled!  

Blue Peter Badge!

Did you know that our Mini - Wombles can earn themselves a green Blue Peter badge? It's all on their website HERE .   Let's see how many Brackley children can earn one! We'd love to see our mini-wombles wear one with pride.

More donations!

 Womble kit still keeps arriving here at Womble HQ and we are so grateful to every local business that has sponsored us or got involved in helping to produce items. This week we received (sing it with me) "5 BAG RINGS!!" from the fabulous Martyn Wills from Brackley Decking and Fencing. Hopefully more will be coming soon from a couple of other sources who will of course be mentioned and added to our sponsor list. The road signs have arrived! Created by Karen at MJ Events and paid for by our amazing sponsors. This will mean we can litter pick safely and not suddenly pop out of a hedge alarming people.  Mini womble hi viz vests are here! Ages 7-9 and 11-12 .  Thank you so much to Jen Birch from Plumtree Designs and Sarah Woo Woo Stamp from Olive Tree Well-being for providing us with these and also branding them.   Still to come...  as well as bag hoops we have a few more litter grabbers  and children's safety gloves on their way. We cannot thank those of you that have boug


    This week's awards WOMBLE(S) OF THE WEEK This week is a special case and awarding Womble of the Week to the 30 people who came to the community litter pick on Saturday. So proud of how you got stuck in! To every one that dived in the hedges and tackled the ditch of litter. To the lovely ladies "Hole 1" and "Hole 2" who tackled the "pit of bottles" You are all brilliant! BEST LUCKY FIND OF THE WEEK (or should we say unlucky find of the week) So many to chose from from the litter pick Jenni Collins and Alison Mahoney who unearthed the rotting uncooked chicken in a bag Steve Jeffery for the whole car exhaust. Sarah Timms for the breakfast bowl of maggots. You all deserve this award this week.  

Our first community litter pick

 Saturday 13th May saw our first community litter pick around the outskirts of "big Tesco" in Brackley. If you think Brackley is tidy, think again!     A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the 30 people who rocked up for Brackley Litter Wombles first litter pick.   73 bags filled!!   Hideous ditch of rubbish cleared, Tesco car park edges tidy and bushy area beside it cleared. 3 Hub cabs, cones, an exhaust, a big blanket, a shed door, a whole rotting chicken in a bag are some of the random finds we came across . Great work everyone!   The next one is on Saturday 17th June 10-12. Meet outside Sainsbury's and attacking the back of the Paisley Pear down to Sainsbury's      


  BREAKING NEWS!! Brackley Wombles have been invited to join a larger delegation of Northants Wombles to attend PARLIMENT on the 20th June! Yep!! You read correctly!     Some very determined individuals have been working very hard behind the scenes to get an audience with a group of Northamptonshire MP's.    We have been asked to represent our beautiful part of the county here in West Northants. On that note we would love to hear any feedback, concerns, ideas, input - ANYTHING that we can look to collate and feed into the wider presentation as appropriate.    Soooo....we have very kindly been offered a meeting space by one of our extremely hardworking Wombles!    We will meet on Sunday 21st May at 3pm at - College House (opposite the Motorbike Shop) on the High Street.   Tea and Coffee will be available x All ages welcome! Please do come along and lets build our group to serve our community and beyond. Nature needs us now more than ever xxx

Another word from our sponsors - donations

We have some more wonderful people and businesses who have donated us money and more litter picking equipment! MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING: Douglas Lockyer from Altrad Generation Hire & Sale Cllr. Fiona Baker Ruben Figueira from Ta Bros Richard Conisbee Driving Instruction Louise Cooper and her husband from GD Cooper Architectural Services Nicola Crookes from Pinsah Design Emma Lavis from Serious Evolution Printing We have our adult hi viz vests currently with Carol from Higildipigildi who is branding them. Plus Jen Birch from Plumtree Designs and Sarah Woo Woo Stamp from Olive Tree Well Being are organising our mini womble hi viz vests. Signs are being made by MJ Events We now have 50 adult hi viz vests, 24 litter pickers and 48 pairs of heavy duty gloves with more items on their way. We cannot thank you all enough!

Weekly Womble Awards 08/05/23

  This week's awards WOMBLE OF THE WEEK Jacky Rooney Nelson aka Jax  For unearthing the debris at the back of Dale Close BEST LUCKY FIND OF THE WEEK Sarah Timms aka Sassie T With the two abandoned drums of cooking oil!

A wombling week

 Another 11 bags recorded for Brackley Litter Wombles this week, bringing our total to 42 for the past 3 weeks! Great work by everyone. Jax unearthed a find in Dale Close. Was it fly tipped? Was it just abandoned from work that had happened by there? She came to the rescue and called Alan. Sassie T had some great fly tipping finds, amongst them two cooking oil containers. Plus we had a baby womble start on their first litter pick. Great stuff!

Weekly Womble Awards 01/05/2023

This week's awards WOMBLE OF THE WEEK Alan Garrett! For those of you that do not know him, he is the street cleaner in Brackley and can be seen around town in a bright orange HI Viz overall. He is the man we call upon to collect the strange items we have found and our bin bag collections. He never fails to collect things promtly and always responds to our requests. He's a legend! Say hello to him when you see him BEST LUCKY FIND OF THE WEEK Conrad Woolley With a washing machine found near Top Station Cafe (Thought it was going to be Jackie again with the tyre and percolator combo)

A word from our sponsors- Equipment

A massive thank you once again to all our local businesses who have offered help be it with equipment or money donations.   We have so far received   40 adult  purple Hi Viz vests from Greclo Logistics Interim Ltd     8 adult yellow HI Viz vests from Savvy Construction,    24 pairs of heavy duty gloves from Canine Company     8 litter pickers from Brackley Elves.       We also have several other businesses starting to donate money and others beavering in the background, who will be mentioned once branded products and signs have arrived.