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 ... but we are taking it on! The lay-by as you enter Brackley from the Bicester side before the Evenley roundabout is by far the worst thing we have seen! So much litter, mounds of it. We barely touched the sides on our first attack. It was really hard core and is the reason why we need our lovely 400+ group members to look after the roads in Brackley so us weekly hard core members can do filthy areas like the layby we started today. We shall be plugging this A LOT over the next few weeks!   A43 layby heading into Brackley from Bicester 6 hard core Wombles and in 2 hours cleared 51 bags 127 tizer Lawnmower, baby rocker, baby seat, 2 tyres, 1 wheel, lots of bags of compost, suitcase, shoes galore, a flat screen TV and dvd player ( feel like I'm on the generation game) a pair of pants (hooray!) and other assorted items of grot. Needs lots of work, it's absolutely vile!   Sad thing is, there are no end of small animal runs and holes along there living amongst a thick carpet of h