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A couple of Wednesday Womble sessions

 Spencer Gardens Area 11 bags from the Fox Lane/ Spencer Gardens area this morning by our Wednesday Womble gang. A lot of it was "windy litter" that had accumulated under bushes. At one point we thought we were a spectator sport as a resident came out and watched us while he was on his phone! One lovely lady thanked us for clearing the area.       Entrance to big Tesco and roundabout   The Wednesday gang cleared away the bushes at the entrance to Tesco and bear the roundabout yesterday. 7 bags and some bits from cars. I'm sure we are close to making our own one.  

Wednesday wombling

  5 wet Wombles diving in the trees! 5 of us today doing Hinton Road in the drizzle, but it was worth it. 13 bags of rubbish, plastic car bumper, chair, umbrella... We found the Southern Comfort drinker who likes to fill up a carrier bag of bottles and then leave it in the hedge. Also several "adult balloons"! Thank you to the hard core Wednesday Wombles!      

From our Evenley Womble- Sarah

  The hedgerows around Evenley have been trimmed back, allowing access to all sorts of grot.  We've collected a full bag today, including a wine bottle, lots of cider cans, a runner's water bottle and one very wet and heavy boot. This bag was collected from between the Mixbury sign and Evenley Wood Gardens, probably less than a mile, and a regular picking route for us, so I was surprised we hoiked out so much !