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Lay by attacks are going well!

  Help Brackley Litter Wombles tackle our local lay-bys . They have already removed around 100 bags of rubbish from two of them and are planning another “Hard Core Womble” on Thurs day 7 th March (weather permitting) 10:00am -1 2 :00noon   Meet at the A43 lay-by heading towards Brackley from Bicester between the B4031 and Evenley roundabout. What three words - "rejoins.mediate.broads" Equipment will be provided but do wear sensible clothes and shoes.


 We are going to attack layby just after the Evenley roundabout on Monday 26th February 10:00 - 12:00noon. If any hord core womble fancies joining us, we'll meet you there!


  Felt like we didn't even touch the sides of today's layby Womble. 6 of us today. Loads more shite collected from the layby after the Evenley roundabout. 20 bags in total, tyres, various items, 57 tizer.   Everywhere you trod, there was litter underfoot. Nature is doing its best by covering it in ivy, but it's vile. Back again next week for another go and then there will probably be a third week at it as well.   Very lovely young lorry driver chatted to us as he'd seen us last week doing the other layby. He was very appreciative of our work as was the owner of Taste buds Snack van who provided us with a cuppa!              


  7 Wombles tackled the layby on the road to Evenley. 2 hours later..... 32 bags, loads of grot, 67 bottles of driver tizer removed. And an arm!                  

February Community Womble

  10 Wombles, 20 bags and other detritus collected from the Wellington Road area Sainsbury's to Paisley Pear) this morning. Huge thank you to all that came out in the drizzly weather.   Massive thank you to "Just Richard" who around half 10 bought us drinks from Costa and also Caryl Billingham who bought us drinks at the end. It was a damp day so they were much appreciated. Next month we'll be attacking the stream at the bottom of Buckingham Road and the Buckingham Road industrial Estate. Bring wellies and secateurs!  

Old Viaduct area

 Two of our brave wombles tackled the bridge which is hot spot underneath the old viaduct....accessed via Dale Close. It is literally layers deep in rubbish! 7 bags of grot in about 1.5 hours! Thanks to Neil and Jax for joining having a go under the viaduct. Still loads there if anyone fancies a go. Next time you'll need a trowel as lots of litter is compacted underneath years of growth and grot.  However....for now the wildlife have a much improved space back      

101 bags!

  We had a good Womble on the last day of January with a couple of new faces join us.   11 bags, Brian had a trolley full of recycling (so that's another) lots of bits n bobs plus bits of car! We found quite a disgusting zone in the tree area between Banbury Road and the footpath that runs parallel to it from the wood chip mound. LOADS of dog in bags and used nappies. All cleared up now though.   This took our January total to 101 bags of rubbish! Our running total is now 820 bags since we started, it does make you wonder what would have happened to it if we didn't collect it. 


  Will you be actively joining us when we take part in the Great British Spring Clean that runs from 17th March - 2nd April?   Our March Saturday Womble will be on the 16th and not only will we revisit Buckingham Road industrial Estate we will also clear the stream that runs down to the roundabout.   Find out more here