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  Join Brackley Litter Wombles for a hard core community litter pick on Thursday 25th April 10:00am -12:00noon.    A quick visit to the snack van layby to remove what we can before the plant life competely takes over.   Everyone welcome. Do come dressed for “hedge diving" and wear sensible shoes or wellies. Litter picking equipment will be provided


  5 Wombles this morning worked on our favourite layby.   40 tizer and 30 bags.   We were getting towards the end when we found a rich seam of litter, so we'll have to do that another time. We think three of us will get that done in half an hour.   So this layby has given us...   344 bin bags of litter and 942 bottles of driver tizer Lawnmower, Flat screen TV, DVD player, baby rocker, outdoor storage box and cushions, hoover, tyres, stainless steel tea set, variety of adult entertainment!!, Pallets, saucepans, suitcase, fire extinguisher, microwave oven, a variety of tyres and lorry straps, an ASDA box  


  Womble achievement!!   Bin installed at the top of Turweston Road!   Massive thank you to Dan and Alan Garrett from WNC who we pestered and they listened. Thank you to Brian Grantham for putting out the pop up bins to show that one was needed there.  


  Brackley Litter Wombles Group celebrated its first birthday on Thursday 11th April!   Since then we have removed 1424 bin bags of litter (equating to over 5.5 tonnes of litter) and no end of random items. We have helped try to keep our town litter free and cleared 3 local lay-bys. We have done school visits, helped at community events and have liaised with scout and brownie groups so they can do litter picks. Fingers crossed WNC will be installing bins at the top of Turweston Road very soon as the pop up bins have done their job in collecting evidence that one is needed there!    All of this would not be possible without the hard core 12 or so regular wombles that every week clear away rubbish plus the other 20 or so that turn up to our monthly community wombles. These people are committed to keeping our town tidy.   We would like to thank the fabulous businesses and people who donated us equipment or money at the start so we had PPE and equipment to to this job.    After a year thin

Mini Layby now Clear!

  Back from holiday and back in a bush!  Thank you to the 10 regular Wombles that helped to clear the small layby on the way to Evenley. It's now had a thorough clean and now the plant life is starting to kick in and cover everything   Good haul today! 24 bags 59 tizer Black peephole bra and sequinned thong! Would have given no support and she'd have caught her death of cold. Lots of pants, shorts, trousers. Road sign from 2011 and our oldest item of litter! A Midland bank card.  They got taken over around 1992/3        

Blue Peter Badge

  We have lots of fabulous mini Wombles who have been litter picking over the school holiday, so thought I'd remind parents about this...   If you are litterpicking with children who are aged 5-15 why not make sure they take a photo and apply for their green Blue Peter badge .   Helping clear up their community is a great achievement in itself. By earning their Green Blue Peter badge they can raise awareness of the importance of litterpicking. For instance, any photos sent in might make it on to the Big Badge wall, they could tell friends or School about earning their Green Blue Peter badge and so inspire others. For their families their badge gives them free entry to lots of attractions across the UK.