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Lucky Finds!

  Trish thought she was in with a chance of winning "Best lucky find of the week" with her nitrous oxide canister, but Jackie B does it again!     A bike, a tyre and a coffee percolator!     Anyone else found anything exciting?    

Weekly Womble Awards 24th May 2023

  WEEKLY WOMBLE AWARDS!     Champion Womblers of last Week are Sarah T and Great Uncle Bulgaria aka Conrad Woolley.     Best "Lucky Find" of the Week goes to Jackie with the rotary washing line!     Please either log your collections on  (our group is on there), via the tally sheet at the library or just let me know.     Do take photos (love a picture) and let us know of any "lucky finds"                                                Weekly Womble AWARDS will come out on Mondays.

A busy week!

  Had a crazy few days here at "Womble HQ"! This is a summary of what's gone on since Wednesday last week!     Meeting on Wednesday went ahead, with Conrad, Jacky Rooney Nelson from the litter pickers Facebook group, Cllr Simon Weaver, myself, Sarah Timms and Jenni Collins. All of whom after the meeting were very enthused.     There is a space on the community notice board in the library for how people can get involved openly or secretly. We'll also be asking people to let us know how much they collect each week so it can be entered into the Northants Litter Wombles data sheet, (we entered 12 in for Last week). Plus nominate areas they would like to see cleared up.     We changed the name to Brackley Litter Wombles and Jamie from Clockwork Design created us a brand Thursday morning. We shared the group on Facebook and have had over 40 new members since last Wednesday.     Northants Litter Wombles provided us with purple bin bags and 10 branded purple hi Viz vests at t

Thank you!

 Last night I put a request out for sponsors on the Brackley Litter Wombles Facebook Group and so happy to say I was inundated with help from local businesses. Thank you so much for the response last night for sponsors for Brackley litter Wombles. Just wrapping my head around who has offered help with what! It came at me thick and fast.   I'm getting a quote from Karen at MJEVENTS re road signs. This should be with me over the next couple of days.   Thank you to Michelle Robinson and John Antony Robinson for putting me in touch with them. All road sign sponsors will be contacted with a price as I'll share it out accordingly but keeping the price at approx £20 per sign. PM me if you would like to pay the company directly for business reasons, otherwise it will be run through the Brackley Elves account.   Alistair Yates has kindly offered to poke a company for hi Viz vests, so prices for those will come through soon for sponsors of them as I've asked for about 40 adult s

We're wombling free.

  Please let me know numbers of any bags you have collected this week and over the weekend plus any "lucky finds". Jackie has already found a rotary washing line.   I'll total them up and input the data first thing Monday morning.    We have 6.5 bin bags full so far, how many can we get by the end of the weekend?   "Great Uncle Bulgaria" also has 6 we can add in from last week for our grand monthly total.

Road signs

We have put feelers out to local businesses to see if they would be willing to get involved and sponsor us with some road signs that we can put out whilst doing community group picks. These had been recommended to us by Peter Duffy from Brixworth Wombles as they very successfully use them. One of our fabulous WNC and Town Councillors, Cllr Fiona Baker, has offered to buy us two from her community fund. A massive thank you to her. we can now "bookend" our picks Waiting to see if anyone else will put their hand up to help us.

Feel part of a group - This week's comments

 Lovely to see motivation back in people's eyes. Facebook and WhatsApp posts from members of our group  Jacky : " My first bag as an official Brackley Litter Womble using our special purple bags x Lovely to be part of a wider group of like minded folk. My solo wombles will continue but I can't wait to join a monthly litterpick!!"  Jacky formed the Brackley Litterpicking group about 5 years ago and was beginning to think that pople just didn't care any more, little knowing there was a Womble gang waiting and wanting to be put together.  Jackie (yes we have a few) commented, "Didn't  realise it had been that windy... lucky for them doesn't seem to be any washing with it" when she found (so far the prize of  the week) an abandoned old rotary washing line at the entrance to the cricket field.


In a matter of hours our group has a logo! Massive thank you to Jamie Clocherty who in just a few hours created us a logo! Jamie is Head Honcho and Creative Designer of Clockwork Design in Brackley.    

Our first community litter pick

 We will be arranging monthly community litter picks where we tackle a designated area. Here are the details of our first one. We would love you to join us!

Working with...

 We are very lucky in Brackley to have many community groups and out Town Council who wish to get involved. Litter pickers and hi vis vests can be obtained from Brackley Town Council, contact Mark Stopps and we shall soon be getting our "purple army" hi vis vests from Northants Litter Wombles as well as purple bin bags! These will be available for use via Brackley Library We joined forces with Brackley Library, Brackley and Towcester Library Friends, Brackley Elves, our local scout and guiding groups creating our own Womble army of all ages. Massive thank you to Jamie from Clockwork Design who has created our brand! We love it. Information relating to the group can be found here, our Facebook page or Brackley Library where we have a display on one of their noticeboards  

And we're off!

 Brackley Litter Wombles are now in action as we've linked together all our "lone wombles" into one big collective. Originally Brackley Litter Pickers and several people who just litter pick for the good of our community, we have now joined forces and become part of the PURPLE ARMY which are Northants Litter Wombles. This group is for people who care about their environment and who are passionate about making a difference. We are primarily litter pickers in the Brackley (and surrounding villages) area. The aim of the group is to raise awareness of the litter issue and to encourage folk to go out there and clear up their local areas.