Thank you!

 Last night I put a request out for sponsors on the Brackley Litter Wombles Facebook Group and so happy to say I was inundated with help from local businesses.

Thank you so much for the response last night for sponsors for Brackley litter Wombles. Just wrapping my head around who has offered help with what! It came at me thick and fast.
I'm getting a quote from Karen at MJEVENTS re road signs. This should be with me over the next couple of days.
Thank you to Michelle Robinson and John Antony Robinson for putting me in touch with them.
All road sign sponsors will be contacted with a price as I'll share it out accordingly but keeping the price at approx £20 per sign. PM me if you would like to pay the company directly for business reasons, otherwise it will be run through the Brackley Elves account.
Alistair Yates has kindly offered to poke a company for hi Viz vests, so prices for those will come through soon for sponsors of them as I've asked for about 40 adult sized ones. There's lots of interest so I'm anticipating a large group of Wombles at our community picks.
Jen Birch and Sarah Woo Woo Stamp are on children's hi Viz
Carol Fleming Mandy Parker louise cooper are on litter picker purchase
Mandy Parker and Sarah Brady are  on bag rings
Matt Clifton 🤞, Sarah Brady and Brackley Elves are on gloves.
I think that's everyone! Sorry if I missed someone out, at one point I lost track!! 🤣🤣
All sponsors will get their company mentioned in a separate post and once we have everything.

This town is a great place to live! I cannot thank you enough. ♥️♥️


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