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 Hooray for Facebook! We got further finding out who owns the private car park than going via the council! We now know who to contact and are on the case of getting it cleared.    Our womble Jackie is on the case!


  Cold Womble this morning around the back of Waitrose and lovely to have a new person join the regular Wednesday gang.   Ranty Womble day though!   Fly tipping/just dumping your unwanted stuff in a car park seems to be the thing. These private car parks cannot be touched by WNC to clear them because they are private, yet the landowners don't seem give a flying hoot about the state they are in. One in particular is basically now a fly tipping area. (Last photo below.)How attractive is that?   I have now set up a data sheet to record any fly tipping in our area so please do let me know if you spot any. The abandoned shredder on Turweston Road has already been reported to me. Feel that we need to record evidence in case it's needed.   Also dog poo!!! Did three bags but Waynflete Avenue seems to have become dog poo alley and if I had more bags could have easily done 6 along there.   Rant over... Keep wombling you lovely people.        


 Happy New Year from all us Brackley Litter Wombles. We had a bit of a breather during December and you can tell we've had a rest as the wind has whipped up the litter! Luckily we are all itching to get back to tackling the litter and our weekly Wednesday wombles will start again on the 3rd January. (See the Wednesday Womble tab for further details) Last year we removed 719 bags of litter from the streets and bushes of Brackley! We wonder how many we will do this year