More donations!

 Womble kit still keeps arriving here at Womble HQ and we are so grateful to every local business that has sponsored us or got involved in helping to produce items.

This week we received (sing it with me) "5 BAG RINGS!!" from the fabulous Martyn Wills from Brackley Decking and Fencing.

Hopefully more will be coming soon from a couple of other sources who will of course be mentioned and added to our sponsor list.

The road signs have arrived! Created by Karen at MJ Events and paid for by our amazing sponsors.

This will mean we can litter pick safely and not suddenly pop out of a hedge alarming people.

 Mini womble hi viz vests are here! Ages 7-9 and 11-12 . 

Thank you so much to Jen Birch from Plumtree Designs and Sarah Woo Woo Stamp from Olive Tree Well-being for providing us with these and also branding them.


Still to come...

 as well as bag hoops we have a few more litter grabbers  and children's safety gloves on their way.

We cannot thank those of you that have bought us items or donated money enough. It makes us feel like a proper team and great to know we have the right equipment to do the job.


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